The amount of individuals (400) and you will (385) forms off people in the city was basically recovered of the (96


This research utilized the detailed analytical approach with the objective off writing about the content and you will describing this new phenomenon in addition to area investigated, however the analytical element of it absolutely was to get ways to the brand new study’s issues and to get to the most critical results on the reason why and you will effects out of delayed ong Jordanian younger dudes and you may feminine for the capital Amman.

The research community comprises of the 4430,700 society of your City of Amman according to 2019 Complement of the Company away from General Analytics attached to Appendix.

To assemble the data of shot of your research, the straightforward random try means try relied through to, the spot where the data of decide to try users was indeed taken from this new Municipal Updates Company in the Amman, while the questionnaire designed by the newest researcher are marketed to the try of one’s study, where electronic surveys have been shared with the fresh new selected individuals considering haphazard number dining tables, and you may digital questionnaire was used since most recent situation (CORONA) cannot let the specialist to get in the fresh new land of those persons so you can eliminate mixing and you may are converted into digital questionnaire. Advised test dimensions towards the size of the community was (385) individuals, with respect to the site (Raosoft, 2004) get a hold of Appendix B.

dos. These desk including showed that the most prevalent age group is actually 30-39 yrs old (43.4%) The fresh 20-30 generation came in 2nd put (26.5%) The lowest age range on investigation attempt was indeed (40-49) and you may (50-59) with ratios (16.6%, 13.5%) Straight.

step three. The highest portion of monthly income visited the brand new monthly earnings classification, which is anywhere between 601-900 JD (62.6%) A low monthly earnings teams were JD 3 hundred-600 (fifteen.3%).

4. Brand new ratio of one’s take to participants geographically regarding the town was 59.2%) About try, the brand new ratio out of home off geographical source throughout the country is 40.8%. About try.

5. New ratio ones who had an effective bachelor’s training on the test is actually (66%) That they had the greatest percentage on the decide to try after which people which done postgraduate tests by (20.5%) Then individuals who was basically qualified had been secondary and you may below from the 13.5%.

A questionnaire specifically made as a hack for collecting information was designed to match the latest objectives, strategy and area of your own investigation, therefore the quality the most truthful and uniform a style of collecting analysis and you can recommendations.

The fresh new resolution was designed in accordance with the four-year-old Likert scale: strongly Concur, 15 ГҐrs aldersgapforhold Consent, simple, disagree, and you may highly disagree. Sentences loads (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) are provided respectively as in Appendix step 1.

In the light of one’s opinions of the arbitrators, specific phrases was in fact reformulated while some was in fact put in enhance the study equipment.

It provided two parts: the initial area provided the first research of one’s sample participants: (sex, many years, month-to-month earnings, place of household, scientific qualification) once the second integrated determining the new public and you can monetary things about the brand new later chronilogical age of man and its particular societal ramifications inside the gender relationships

Validity: The soundness of one’s questionnaire function balances on result of this new questionnaire, and not significantly changed, in case it is redistributed towards the test professionals, once or twice, over specific periods of time, while the balances of data quality might have been confirmed, from Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, since found during the Desk dos.

The previous Dining table (3) signifies that the bottom price from software axes ranged of (0.806- 0.897) in addition to research product overall had a reliability basis (0.854), that have been higher based on (Santos, and you can Reynaldo 1999). Cronbach’s Leader indications signify the research tool features a premier balance foundation and its capability to get to the study’s objectives into the regards to checking out and you will interpreting the outcome of the research and you may responding their questions.