In 2011, Kaen together with Trainbots was operating on Planet

Shortly after Galvatron invaded Cybertron, the newest robot trains come up with to transport its other Autobots so you’re able to Cybertron along the area bridge. Shoki intervened into Super Magnus’s very first battle with Sixshot, knocking out the fresh new ninja associate for a lengthy period into the Autobots so you can roll out. Brand new convoy is actually assaulted in the act of the Constructicons, however, Metroplex drove them out-of. These were nearly surface from the losing debris whenever Bruticus collapsed a beneficial strengthening to them having fun with their sonic stun firearm. The newest Secret off Planet Learn Kaen additionally the Trainbots returned to Environment only after a while so you can coach Scorching Rod in addition to Headmasters returning to Cybertron, shortly after their effective pursuit of brand new Matrix away from Leadership. Delivery of the Fantastic Double Finest Within show means, Kaen therefore the Trainbots transported Rodimus Prime and the Monsterbots to globe Monster since reinforcements into Headmasters. Rebellion towards the World Monster They also sent him into competition once more on earth Praum, in which Scorponok had place a pitfall getting Fortress along with his cluster. New Five-Million-Year-Dated Veil from Mystery

Four Fighters Come out of the fresh Air The fresh Trainbots molded Raiden and you may battled close to Defensor and Superion up against their Decepticon combiner alternatives

Back on Earth, Kaen and the Trainbots took Danny and Wheelie on a sightseeing trip in Tokyo, Japan. When Sixshot a mysterious robot declared his intention to steal all of Japan’s energy, Kaen and the Trainbots remained quietly alert, confident their combination form could handle any threat to their homeland. Their passive response to the danger angered the more action-oriented Headmaster team, especially Chromedome. After fruitlessly chasing behind the bandit in attacks on London and New York, Chromedome was incensed when he arrived back at Autobot headquarters to see Kaen and the Trainbots returning from a shopping spree with Danny. Shoki and Chromedome nearly came to blows with each other before Danny intervened.

The new Headmasters soon turned up and you will tagged the actual Trainbots, enabling Kaen with his loved ones to journey to brand new community and you will escort the people to shelter in their shared train means

When the robot in the end generated his assault to your The japanese, Shoki recommended you to definitely his class end up being greeting the first hit up against the enemy. Flying towards the rescue, Kaen as well as the Trainbots assembled since Raiden to combat Sixshot. Raiden’s win is prevented by the brand new coming of Trypticon, piloted from the Scourge and you may Cyclonus. They became a pretty much all-out brawl after that, on Headmasters arriving once the reinforcements due to their comrades. Sixshot is revealed, and he made use of their ninja training seemingly to replicate himself, fighting Raiden because the numerous winged wolves. Because the a demonstration of its newfound rely upon one another, Raiden urged Chromedome so you can shoot at holographic Sixshots swarming to your, knowing however indeed getting strike by a number of the bursts. New Decepticons had been sooner inspired out of and you can Shoki and you will Chromedome shook hand back at the head office, which have forged a beneficial warrior’s thread into field of battle. Terror! The brand new Six Tincture

Galvatron soon struck away facing Cybertron once again, this time choosing the the fresh new very-material labeled as Cybertonuron. Kaen as well as the Trainbots was first in range on the planet to transportation across the Room Bridge to your combat into Decepticons. It hurried into brand new fighting as soon as they turned up. Cybertron Is within Grave Danger, Part step 1 Kaen and the Trainbots confronted the Predacons in protection of its house globe. The fight try fierce but short-term, just like the Trainbots handicapped their competitors. Cybertron Is actually Grave Chances, Part dos

Kaen and the Trainbots defended the fresh new Sol step 1 satellite while in the their release years. Whenever Scourge, Cyclonus and also the Predacons came into inexpensive the satellite, it travelled away towards Headmasters to quit them. Shoki provided the fresh command and Trainbots make to form Raiden, grappling with Predaking and eventually chasing from the Decepticons. The Trace Emperor, Scorponok Next, Kaen’s group entered brand new Protectobots to the a crisis save objective so you can Peru, in which an energetic volcano is actually intimidating a tiny urban area. They certainly were intercepted by the Predacons, and therefore Shoki expected Hot spot to take in the future and you can boost the villagers due to the fact Trainbots occupied the new Preds. Kaen spoke loudly about the bravery and you may virtues of one’s Trainbots when you’re caving Tantrum’s head within the. In the future, Raiden and you can Predaking was in fact designed, additionally the competition was registered. The fresh new Inactive Volcano Mysteriously Erupts Inside their next evil plan, this new Decepticons unleashed a giant carnivorous bush in the downtown area San francisco, prompting brand new Autobots to respond. Kaen and Trainbots was released, but was in fact confronted by Bruticus, who desired to duel having sabers created from light. The new Trainbots designed Raiden and fulfilled Bruticus sword to have blade. At once!! Fortress Maximus