An online board meeting is a great method to keep your board members engaged and make decisions without the time and expense of travel. Some common issues can affect the efficiency of your board meetings and hinder efficiency.

Disconnections. Remote participants may have difficulty connecting to a virtual conference, as opposed to those who attend in person. This might not be a huge issue, but it can create a feeling of disconnection as well as lower engagement levels. Be sure to provide the highest quality video conferencing system that is simple to use and offers excellent sound quality.

Inadequate documentation. One of the most crucial aspects of a board meeting is recording minutes that must be clear and accurate. The ideal scenario is that the person who takes minutes will keep a record of all important discussions and decisions verbatim to avoid confusion later. It is also recommended to invest in a system of document management that allows you to securely share and manage documents and meeting materials.

A low level of engagement among board members. It is difficult to recreate the camaraderie among board members that occurs in person. Try adding some break-out sessions, icebreakers or even a quiz to your meeting.

Time constraints. One of the biggest drawbacks to a board meeting held online is the short amount of time available to discuss every item on the agenda. Make sure you have set the appropriate time for each discussion and stick to it. Be careful not to overburden your directors with subjects that are difficult to discuss.