Technology for the Board Portal streamlines governance processes and reduces time for directors. Directors can prepare for meetings and administrators prepare and distribute board packs, keep records and communicate minutes. Board members can also use the system to view materials, messages, organizational policies and assignments in one location.

During meetings, the board portal allows instant access to current versions of documents. This removes the need to share email attachments or share folders, and reduces the risk of sensitive information being in the inappropriate hands. Furthermore a modern-day board portal is simple for members to use regardless of their level of technical proficiency. This lets administrative assistants focus on providing support and board members to spend more time in the process of making crucial decisions.

The board portal allows members to vote on their behalf online prior to meetings, allowing them to make decisions from wherever they are. This is especially helpful for associations where members are scattered throughout the world and can’t attend face-to-face meetings. A board portal can help organizations save money on travel, as well as increase efficiency and engagement.

When evaluating software for board portals alternatives It is important to remember that not all solutions are created identical. Ensure that you select a system that is complete in terms of features, security and pricing that will best fit your organization. Lastly, ask for training and support for your board. Some providers offer one-on-one training and a dedicated team of experts from the board room plus board to ensure that your board members are comfortable with the latest software regardless of their technical background.